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The Right Perfume & the Right Attitude: Meeting His Folks for the First Time

by on Nov.05, 2013, under articles

Meeting your boyfriend’s folks for the first time requires tremendous effort from your side. After all, you should consider it a big deal as it is a huge deal for him. You should consider a number of things like bringing discount perfume for his dad, a basket of fruits for his mom and a great sense of humour for his siblings. It’s definitely hard to please his family but knowing these five tips will help you get through your first meeting.

Get to know your “future” in-laws before you meet them.
Before you head out to his parents’ house, make sure you already know the basics – his parents’ name, their occupation, their interests as well as their birthplaces. They will feel at ease if they find you have the same interests as them or if you have common experiences like living in the same state during their childhood days. Always remember basic information about them because they might be your future in-laws.

Wear something appropriate.
Dressing sexy and provocative is for your boyfriend’s eyes only – not for his parents and his siblings. Dress appropriately and give them a positive impression the first time they meet you in person. Always look smart and neat but still intelligently sexy in your boyfriend’s eyes. Wear a knee length dress, drape a cardigan over and style it with a thin belt. Partner your attire with doll shoes or kitten heels.

Bring something for the family.
It’s always a great idea to bring something for the family as this says a lot about how you give your thanks and appreciation for the family who welcomed you into their home. A bottle of wine for his father, a bouquet of roses for his mother and a whole bunch of sweets for his siblings can lift their moods. If you want to present yourself a notch higher, you can always give his parents branded perfumes. You don’t have to spend too much because discount perfume sites like Beauty Encounter offer further reduced prices for men and women’s fragrances.

Say something positive.
Sometimes when we feel nervous about a situation, we either blabber too much or just remain immovable like stone. During a conversation, listen and respond to the conversation. Laugh at the right moments, appreciate a joke or keep quiet when a heated debate arises. Politely respond, give a smile and offer help when needed (like passing the salt during dinner). There might be instances when his parents will throw you questions like sharp daggers but do your best to maintain balance.

Help around the kitchen.
A lot of mothers like to see their son’s girlfriend so the mother could see the girlfriend’s way around the kitchen. Does she know how to cook? Can she clean the dishes? Does she know how to clean pots with dried up sauces? Does she know how to prepare a great tasting coffee or tea after a meal? Of course, a mom would be concerned about his son getting the prime care he’s been getting from his mom from a new girl in his life. Call it protective but a mother’s care will never deteriorate even when her son loves another woman.

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