Cutting Clothing Costs For Kids

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Cutting Clothing Costs For Kids

Clothing is one of those expenses that seems to be a constant. This is especially true when you have kids and you find that with every passing season comes the need for new clothes and shoes to make up for the ones your child has outgrown. Over time, in fact just one season of clothes shopping, can add up to quite an expense. Children can’t wait until you have savings for new clothes, when they grow out of their clothes they need new ones immediately leaving you short for other outgoings.  Payday Loans can help make these unplanned purchases much easier without leaving you short in other areas of your budget. 

A few simple tips and tricks for saving money on clothing, shoes and accessories can add up to big savings and especially if you learn how to simply shop smarter for all of those needed items for your children.

One of the top options is to shop for clothing during the off season. This works well as you can gauge the size your child will be next season if you have an idea of how they tend to grow. This is where you would shop for clothing in a size suitable for a 3 o4 4 year old when you child is still just 2 years old. This allows you to reap the rewards of those big discounts offered as clothing transitions from one season to the next.

Yet another great way to save money on clothing is to shop smart for shoes. Shoes are one of those items where the right size is a necessity. Though with clothes you can sometimes get away with an item being a little too big or small; shoes need to be just the right size. A good rule of thumb is to know that kid’s feet just grow and thus when you find shoes suitable for all seasons at a great price you should buy and store them for when they are needed. This is an ideal way to save money and works extremely well for things such as closed toe shoes, dress shoes and athletic shoes and sneakers as they are worn all year round.

The other way to save money on clothing is to reuse clothing. This can be done by having a child wear a slightly too small shirt under sweaters come winter or even taking too short play pants or denim and cutting them off and turning them into shorts or even Capri style pants. This can extend the life of clothing and give you a slight break on having to buy those costly clothing items that end up being used for play and thus tend to get stained, ruined and dirty rather quickly.

There are plenty of other options to save money on clothing such as shopping at second hand or thrift stores, swapping clothes with another parent or even making clothing on your own. Once you find out that various ways to shave those costs off clothes you will find that the change of seasons needs to not be so stressful from a cost standpoint. In fact, you may find that over time you always have plenty on hand that fits if you take the time to shop smarter and always plan for the future as kids just grow constantly and thus those great deals for larger sizes eventually will get worn by your children.


Khloe Kardashian Took Lamar Odom Back?

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Khloe Kardashian Took Lamar Odom Back?

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are covering last week’s copy of Us Weekly and apparently she has decided to take him back. Can you imagine taking someone like him back?

She’s better than we are, that’s for sure. He was rumored to be hooking up with some random women and doing all kinds of drugs — including crack. She must really believe in the power of her marriage if she can forgive him for doing stuff like that.

Khloe is said to be ignoring the advice from her family to divorce Lamar and is giving him a second chance. We all should believe in second chances, except for when someone cheats on you. Then, all bets are off.

What do you think? Do they have what it takes to make it through for the long haul? Or would she be wise to cut her losses and run?

Miley Cyrus Admits To Hitting Rock Bottom

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Miley Cyrus Admits To Hitting Rock Bottom

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus has finally admitted to hitting rock bottom. Shocker there, right?

We all knew that she was headed that way, ever since turning 18-years-old and sexying up her image. It all began with Hannah Montana and working with daddy and it’s ending with her showing her body naked on a wrecking ball and twerking all over a married man. In addition to all of that goodness, she has become a huge fan of Molly and weed.

Does Miley really need help? We’re guessing that she does — but she just doesn’t realize it yet. If she isn’t over the edge yet, then she is definitely on her way. Drugs are never a good path to take and she certainly is setting a terrible example for her young fans.

What do you think? Should Miley just check herself into rehab already? Or is she saving that for the time when she gets her first DUI? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Are Divorcing

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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Are Divorcing

If the latest issue of Star magazine is to be believed, then Eddie Cibrian has had his fair share of LeAnn Rimes’ crap and has decided to divorce her. Can you believe that? If that’s true, then we’re sure that Brandi Glanville is having a field day with that news!

The magazine screams, “She’s a total psycho!”

Of course she’s a psycho, who else wants to pose with another woman’s children and pretend like they’re her own? In addition to that, she was the result of an affair, so basically it is only a matter of time before he cheats again, isn’t it?

The tabloid also reports that “troubled LeAnn gets drunk and hides in her closet.”


Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Her Second Child?

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Her Second Child?

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is shown on the cover of last week’s issue of OK! magazine and it states that she is pregnant with her second child with rapper Kanye West. It feels like they are just throwing stuff at the wall, hoping that something is bound to stick.

According to the report from the magazine, Kanye has demanded a son — after Kim has already given him a daughter, North West. The magazine also states that her first pregnancy almost destroyed her, so perhaps the second one will fully take her out? It could happen, folks.

Do you think Kim can survive another pregnancy? They say that every pregnancy is different, so we will see if she can get through another one — that is, if the rumors are true.

Did that butt-tastic selfie she put on Twitter motivate Kanye to put another baby in her? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Sky Lantern Festivals From Around The World

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Sky Lantern Festivals From Around The World

Sky lanterns have been made in Asia for centuries, Though originally used in warfare, sky lanterns have now become a common symbol of Asian culture and have formed part of ceremonies and festivals of light and harvest. 

Sky lantern festivals have become popular all over the world and form part of many festivities . They are a common alternative to fireworks at large events and more commonly used at celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and seasonal events such as Christmas and Halloween. People have also recently started using sky lanterns to remember loved ones who have passed away.


The Mid-Autumn festival in China is held to celebrate the harvest, taking place around the time of the autumn full moon (usually August or September). 

Indeed, the moon is an integral part of the celebrations, with traditional ‘mooncakes’ – small pastries filled with fruit or bean paste – usually baked on the night and shared with others as part of the celebration.

Lanterns form an integral part of the celebrations, with brightly coloured paper lanterns hung from houses and pagodas a common sight during the festival. Larger decorative lanterns usually form part of parades, usually involving the well-known lion dancers, while fisherman would also decorate their boats as part of the celebrations.  


In the ancient city of Chaing Mai in northern Thailand, the Lanna people celebrate the Yi Peng festival. Usually held during a full moon, the Yi Peng festival sees many decorate their houses with colourful lanterns, but the most famous part of the festivities sees the release of thousands of sky lanterns simultaneously.

Yi Peng coincides with the Loi Krathong festival, another popular traditional festival in Thailand. While Yi Peng involves the creation of and release of lanterns to the sky, Loi Krathong focuses on creating and floating small decorative floats.

Traditionally made using the leaves of banana plants, these intricately crafted rafts are then decorated with flowers, incense and candles, sometimes with a small offering of food inside them. The rafts are then let go onto rivers and ponds, making a wish as they release them, and floated away as offerings to water spirits


The annual lantern festival in the rural Pingxi District in New Taipei city in Taiwan attracts tourists to the region to see large numbers of sky lanterns released. People write their wishes and aspirations, a common trait during sky lantern festivals, on the lanterns before sending them skywards.

Central and South America:

As part of the traditional celebration of Festa Juninas (June Festival), a winter holiday in central and South America, large and brightly decorated sky lanterns are released. These lanterns are often modified to suit certain festivals, including the traditional Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead).

As you can see, Sky Lanterns are used in festivals all around the world. My favourite festival has to be the Yi Peng festival, where there are many videos on YouTube showing the fantastic views of thousands of Sky Lanterns being launched at the same time. This view is really breathtaking and I hope to be able to experience this at some point in my life. 

David Collins is a freelance content writer who has been working with Night Sky Lanterns to write this article. David enjoys travelling, seeing more of the world and learning about different cultures.

Fun Times Aren’t Just For Summer with Southend on Sea Bouncy Castle Hire

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Fun Times Aren’t Just For Summer with Southend on Sea Bouncy Castle Hire

Southend is well known for its fun summer activities and, as a seaside town, it’s not hard to see why. But what do we do to entertain the kids (and the adults) once the sun has one away and winter has descended? Southend on Sea bouncy castle hire can provide an answer to this common predicament, providing a foolproof way of entertaining the kids during school holidays that can work equally well inside as it can outside during the warmer months of the year.

After all, there are more reasons to celebrate during the winter months than at any other time in the year, with Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas all giving us reasons to go out and have fun. Why not make your child’s birthday party much more special by hiring a hall or indoor area large enough to house a bouncy castle. You can include it in an entirely fairground or inflatable themed party, or just as something to occupy the kids at a family party – it doesn’t matter.

British winter weather is no reason not to consider Southend on Sea bouncy castle hire for your next event, and you can even hire one that all ages can use at a family gathering or even a work event. You may not have considered doing this before but, if the festive party period isn’t the time to be silly and get back to our childhood innocence, then when is? Include a bouncy castle in your next event and let yourself be reminded of that joy you used to feel whenever inflatables were around.

It’s also true that, because business tends to slow down during winter, many Southend on Sea bouncy castle hire companies are offering discounts and special deals during winter. This can be used to your advantage, and deciding on a bouncy castle for your event in the latter half of the year can actually save you a significant amount of money. You’ll need to do your research and make sure you get the best deal possible. Companies will be eager for your business, so you have to be careful not to make a decision before properly investigating.

There are so many parties going on during the winter months, pretty much just to give people something to do other than huddle around the heating or shuffle around packed shopping centres, and hiring a bouncy castle can really set your event apart from all the others. Whether it’s for the children in attendance or a fun activity for everyone to enjoy, you can’t really go wrong with a bouncy castle. In fact, it might be the only thing you can do to get away and wrap the Christmas presents undisturbed!

When planning your next birthday party, or a way to entertain the children throughout the festive period, consider Southend on Sea bouncy castle hire and watch everyone have a fantastic time. Summer isn’t the only season when you can have fun – bring the joy of bouncy castles to an otherwise dark and gloomy time of year!

Mega Leisure is an Essex based company specialising in bouncy castle hire, offering an extensive range of high quality bouncy castles and related products.

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