4 Reasons to Embrace Cold Weather Cardio Exercises

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4 Reasons to Embrace Cold Weather Cardio Exercises

The holidays might be over, but winter is still in full-swing. Cold temperatures and shorter days make it tougher to stay active, but keeping your routine of cardio exercises in the winter can help you stay healthy—physically and emotionally.

Do you still need more motivation to get out of your warm living room and out into the cold? Well lace up your running shoes, fill up your BlenderBottle®, and start putting foot to pavement! Here are 4 of Shape‘s top reasons to embrace cold weather cardio exercises:

1.It’s the ideal weather for running.

It might not be fun, huffing and puffing in below-freezing temperatures. But the fact is that the colder the weather, the less the heat stress on your body. Running naturally warms you up, so if you can get through the initial shock, you’ll warm up quickly… just keep moving!

2.Running is a great tool for preventing winter weight gain.

We’ve all fallen victim to winter weight gain. When it’s cold outside, nothing sounds more appealing than curling up in front of the fire. You can still do that—just balance it out with some cardio exercises. The only thing that feels better than a relaxing evening inside is a relaxing evening inside after a nice run.

3.Running can help prevent SAD.

As the days become darker and colder, lots of people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD). Studies show that running in the cold produces more than just happy thoughts of spring weather. It releases hormones in the body that combat depression, create positive mood states, and give you more energy.

4.Running will keep your metabolism going strong.

Ever feel like hibernating through January and February? We might not sleep through the winter like bears, but our bodies are programmed to operate with a slower metabolism. Staying active with a steady routine of winter cardio exercises actually “tricks” your body into keeping a higher metabolism rate.

Finally, don’t forget to warm up properly before you head out into the cold! Exercising in the cold has lots of benefits, but the cold shock can put a lot of strain on your muscles.


How do you stay active when the weather gets colder and less welcoming?



Natural Flu Treatments: 10 Foods to Eat When You’re Out of Commission

The 2013 flu season is off to its earliest start in nearly a decade. According to WebMD, the best recommendation to avoid getting sick, or at least minimize the effects, is to get vaccinated. But what other natural flu treatments are there for people out there who are already feeling under the weather?

Keeping a steady winter exercise routine can help you stave off sicknesses this season, but that isn’t always enough. When being sick puts you out of commission, there are a lot of flu treatments you can find in your own kitchen! WebMD came up with a list of 10 foods you can eat to soothe your aching throat and help you recover faster. Their list includes the token “sick foods,” like chicken soup and hot tea, but check out some of the more surprising foods that also made it!


2.Turkey Sandwich

3.Vegetable Juice

4.Chicken Soup



7.Hot Tea



10.Meal Replacement Drinks

Being sick kills your appetite and makes you want to quarantine yourself in the bedroom, only leaving to visit the bathroom. True, your body needs lots of rest, but it also needs nutrition and most importantly, hydration. All of these foods provide the nutrition your body needs when recovering.

If you get sick and want some natural flu treatments, look no further than these flu-fighting foods that may already be in your kitchen. They’ll make you feel better, and help you recover faster. From all of us here at BlenderBottle®, stay healthy this year!


Got your own natural remedy for the flu? Share it here!

Merrick Kennworth is a blogger that writes about many things including health related issues for BlenderBottle. He has a passion for life and living it to its fullest.  Follow them on Facebook to learn more. 


Simon Cowell Will Have A Smoking Room In His Mansion

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Simon Cowell Will Have A Smoking Room In His Mansion

Music mogul Simon Cowell is expecting his first child with Lauren Silverman, but he doesn’t think that should get in the way of his nicotine habit!

In most impromptu photos and video interviews, Simon is usually seen puffing on a cancer stick. Now that he is getting ready to welcome a baby into the world, he doesn’t feel that should stop him from enjoying his cigarettes.

He said that when the baby arrives, he will have a room designated in their house as the smoking room. He revealed, “There are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby. [You have to get rid of] sharp edges, cigarettes, alcohol … then there’s [baby-proofing] the toilet. But I’ll have a smoking room!”

He went on to say, “I was just texting with [One Direction's] Louis Tomlinson last night because his mom is pregnant and is going to have the baby the same time as Lauren. So it’s like, who is going to go first? I think I am going to win.”

It seems rather selfish to continue smoking with a baby on the way, doesn’t it? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

The e cigarette review site whichecigarette.com read this article and is willing to offer Simon a brand new starter kit.

Be Comfortable In a Bean Bag Chair

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Be Comfortable In a Bean Bag Chair

When it comes to modern furniture, bean bag chairs are all the craze now. Their unique shape and vibrant colours make them a great fit for any modern interiors and an awesome companion when relaxing outdoors.

In fact, their unique shape and size prevent the bean bag chairs from being categorized as a typical ‘furniture’. These veer more towards a lifestyle statement that flaunts the love for all that is super comfy and relaxed.

Mega Trade Store has a rich collection of bean bag chairs made from a variety of material and in eleven vibrant shades. Read on to find out the awesome range that waits for you at this online store.


Bean bag chairs are available in a wide range of sizes starting from Mini-B Kids bean bag chair to the huge Monster-B Big bean bag chair. Choose the perfect size depending upon who is going to use the bean bag chair. Mini-B Kids bean bag chair can be a comfortable yet tough choice for your child’s room.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something really big, buy the Monster-B bean bag. The Mighty-B  falls in the middle of these two extremes. The size is nice without being overwhelming and it is very comfortable too.


All the bean bag chairs available at Mega Trade Store have been designed keeping in mind such factors as durability, comfort, and use. They are covered in a two-way stretchable, breathable fabric. The material is water resistant and can also be cleaned with ease. All these sums up to a long lasting bean bag chair and years of comfort, in turn.


All the sizes of Big-B bean bag chairs are available in eleven lovely colours. This along with its unique shape makes the bean bag chairs apt for any décor. From the subtle black to the vibrant blue and orange and everything in between, you can find a bean bag chair in every possible shade.

For a nice effect simply buy a shade that complements the already existing décor and the predominant colour of a particular room. You can even get creative and buy a colour keeping in mind where you are going to use it.

For instance, if you want to use it outdoors a lively green can create a soothing appeal. Similarly, a bean bag chair in aqua would be a wonderful choice beside the pool. For an appealing contrast, go for red, yellow, or even pink.

Who can use bean bag chairs

The bean bag chairs are perfect for everyone. From kids to the elderly people, bean bag chairs can offer a comfy and stylish lounging option. Its unique material lets it mould comfortably around the body to provide a strong support and a comfortable temperature. It is especially useful to people with muscle issues who find it difficult to stretch out and relax otherwise

To view the complete collection of bean bag chairs visit Mega Trade Store today. While you are exploring the wide selection do not forget to check out other lifestyle products at this online store.




Angus Roberts writes for http://www.megatradestore.com/


Shop the High Street

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Shop the High Street

Find the Look for Less at High Street Shops
You do not have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to look fresh, sophisticated and luxurious. The high street has plenty of shops that churn out runway inspired designs minutes after they debut. Just take a look at popular stores like Zara and Topshop where clothes and accessories are high on style, but low on prices.

If you covet a designer’s showcase piece or an expensive pair of shoes, all you have to do is look at stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Anthropolgie or even Banana Republic for a similar version. The High Street is full of stores at a variety of budgets from the expensive Reiss to the affordable River Island. All you have to do is find the store that fits your style and budget to create an effervescent and modern look.

Tips for Shopping the High Street on a Budget
The best way to shop for clothes on a budget is to make a list before you go. Write down what you need first as those will be the items that require the most attention. You can then include one or two special pieces after you have your required pieces. Stick to this list, and do not deviate from it! Think about how an item fits into your current wardrobe before your buy it. Are there multiple things that you can wear with it? Is it something that will get plenty of use? Are you going to wear this for years to come? If you can answer these questions positively, then there is no reason why you should not invest in the piece.

However, if you are shopping for fun, then you need to know where to spend your money. Buy super trendy items at stores like H&M and Forever 21. The quality is questionable, but the prices are just right. If you are shopping for something that you will have in your closet forever like a pair of jeans or a leather jacket, then do not be afraid to step it up a little. Always invest in basics that are high quality. These are the bones of your closet, and they need to be well made. If not, then they run the risk of falling apart after being worn only a couple of times.  Spending a bit more on these items will save you money in the long run as the will not need replaced as often as cheaper versions however in order to shop you need to have money!  A Payday Loan could make such additions to your wardrobe a possiblity when you don’t have the money to ‘spend to save’ already available in the bank.

One of the best ways to amp up your fashionable looks without spending too much money is with accessories. You can get a trendy new bag and shoes for a fraction of the price of the designer version. Trendy items like sequined skirts or mesh tops might not be worn more than a season. However, accessories can be worn for several years if styled right.

Shopping online or at vintage stores are also great ways to score inexpensive deals on ultra stylish items. Shop wisely, and you are sure to score some major deals on you favorite brands and designers. Just remember to keep your spending in check, and you will be able to save money while staying in style. The key is to edit your style with impeccable pieces that you want to wear for years to come.  


Heidi Montag Got Her Implants Sized Down

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Heidi Montag Got Her Implants Sized Down

Heidi Montag is featured in this week’s copy of Us Weekly and inside, she talks about how she sized down her F-cup breasts to a manageable size C. She refers to her breasts in the issue as the size of bowling balls and after consulting a doctor, decided to have surgery to bring them down a few sizes. Can you blame her?

From Us Weekly:

Posing seaside in Santa Barbara, Calif., on Nov. 1, the blonde bombshell unveiled her smaller, more-manageable breasts, which she had redone in a six-hour procedure on Oct. 4. Prior to the operation, she had been suffering a number of health problems — all related to her size-F implants, which she says weighed “about three pounds each.”

“I couldn’t conceptualize the weight of them in my body,” the 27-year-old MTV alum tells Us of her old implants. “They felt like bowling balls on my chest.”

Also at the source, you can see a photo of Heidi after her latest surgery!

Keep Your Teen Safe With the Help of High Tech Gadgets

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Keep Your Teen Safe With the Help of High Tech Gadgets

Parenting a teenager can be a tough job.  They want to be independent, but may not always make the best decisions. All the electronic gadgets at the disposal of teens can make the job of keeping track of what they are doing even more complex. There are many devices available that can help you keep an eye on your teenager. Knowledge of their activities may warn you of potentially dangerous behavior before serious problems can occur.

Cell phone and computer monitoring

Many teenagers have cell phones. Cell phones can be a great way to track down teens, but they can also make them vulnerable to all sorts of problematic activity. There is monitoring software available that can download a complete history of all social network use, emails, texts, pictures, videos and websites visited. It can even access deleted information. The extracted information can also be date and time stamped which may help to explain the complete context of a specific situation. The software can pull information from any device including Blackberries, iPhones, Androids and personal computers.

Teens and driving

Few things strike more fear in the heart of a parent than their teenager behind the wheel. It can introduce a whole new set of reasons for parents to worry.  The day will come when you handover the keys and they are able to head out in the car by themselves. A major concern parents may have when their teen begins to drive is being able to track the teen’s location. A GPS tracking device, conspicuously or inconspicuously, installed in a vehicle can help to address this concern. The tracking device lets parents see where a car is and receive a text message if it travels outside of a predefined area. Parents may also be concerned about how fast their teenager is driving when they are not in the car with them. There are gadgets available from a spy shop that track the speed of a vehicle and send a parent a text or email when a car exceeds a certain speed.  The information can be viewed on many different types of devices including computers, smartphones, iPads and more.

Apartment alarms

When teenagers leave for college it may give you (and them) more peace of mind if they have a small alarm system installed in their apartment. Alarm units are available that monitor only one door or window.  There are also systems designed with sensors that can be placed on specific objects of value, such computer equipment or bicycles. If those objects are disturbed, an alarm will be activated.  Some alarms come with sirens designed to scare off intruders.  For a more sophisticated level of security, alarms can be connected to live operators who will dispatch the police in the event of an emergency.   

The teenage years can be tough on parents and their children. Utilizing software that monitors computer and cell phone activity is one way to stay in the loop with what is going on in a teenager’s life. Information on where a teen drives and how fast they are going is also something that parents might want to know. Installing a small alarm system in a college apartment can keep intruders away and help secure valuables. The best spy gear available can help to keep your teen safe.


Article courtesy of BrickHouse Security. Follow BrickHouse on twitter @brickhousesecur or visit the BrickHouse Security Blog for more security industry updates. 

The Right Perfume & the Right Attitude: Meeting His Folks for the First Time

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Meeting your boyfriend’s folks for the first time requires tremendous effort from your side. After all, you should consider it a big deal as it is a huge deal for him. You should consider a number of things like bringing discount perfume for his dad, a basket of fruits for his mom and a great sense of humour for his siblings. It’s definitely hard to please his family but knowing these five tips will help you get through your first meeting.

Get to know your “future” in-laws before you meet them.
Before you head out to his parents’ house, make sure you already know the basics – his parents’ name, their occupation, their interests as well as their birthplaces. They will feel at ease if they find you have the same interests as them or if you have common experiences like living in the same state during their childhood days. Always remember basic information about them because they might be your future in-laws.

Wear something appropriate.
Dressing sexy and provocative is for your boyfriend’s eyes only – not for his parents and his siblings. Dress appropriately and give them a positive impression the first time they meet you in person. Always look smart and neat but still intelligently sexy in your boyfriend’s eyes. Wear a knee length dress, drape a cardigan over and style it with a thin belt. Partner your attire with doll shoes or kitten heels.

Bring something for the family.
It’s always a great idea to bring something for the family as this says a lot about how you give your thanks and appreciation for the family who welcomed you into their home. A bottle of wine for his father, a bouquet of roses for his mother and a whole bunch of sweets for his siblings can lift their moods. If you want to present yourself a notch higher, you can always give his parents branded perfumes. You don’t have to spend too much because discount perfume sites like Beauty Encounter offer further reduced prices for men and women’s fragrances.

Say something positive.
Sometimes when we feel nervous about a situation, we either blabber too much or just remain immovable like stone. During a conversation, listen and respond to the conversation. Laugh at the right moments, appreciate a joke or keep quiet when a heated debate arises. Politely respond, give a smile and offer help when needed (like passing the salt during dinner). There might be instances when his parents will throw you questions like sharp daggers but do your best to maintain balance.

Help around the kitchen.
A lot of mothers like to see their son’s girlfriend so the mother could see the girlfriend’s way around the kitchen. Does she know how to cook? Can she clean the dishes? Does she know how to clean pots with dried up sauces? Does she know how to prepare a great tasting coffee or tea after a meal? Of course, a mom would be concerned about his son getting the prime care he’s been getting from his mom from a new girl in his life. Call it protective but a mother’s care will never deteriorate even when her son loves another woman.

Wondering what to bring during your first meeting? You can join Beauty Encounter’s giveaway this month of November and you might just win perfumes for women or fragrances for men for your boyfriend’s folks. Start visiting their Facebook page to find out more about this exciting treat.


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