Chris Evans Is Dating Co-Star Alice Eve

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Chris Evans Is Dating Co-Star Alice Eve

Chris Evans is apparently dating his 1:30 Train co-star Alice Eve. Who knew?!?

They are in the Big Apple filming the movie, which is said to be about a couple who meet and fall in love in one night. A source said that the twosome were “definitely lovey dovey. It looked like he was consoling her about something at one point. His hand was on her shoulder, and she had her hand covering her face.”

They were seen enjoying a meal together at John’s Italian restaurant in NYC last Sunday. Reportedly, they sat at a table by the window where he was seen putting his arm around her.

They left the restaurant at separate times, but in the same car. Maybe they were trying to avoid having their picture taken together? Too late for that, right?

Cleopatra slots – great thrills and generous pay-outs

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Cleopatra slots – great thrills and generous pay-outs

If there is one online slots game that has continued to remain popular, with its second version also matching up to the first, it is Cleopatra slots. The dual reasons of attractive pay-outs and superb thematic content have been credited with the continued success of this game.

Indeed, mystical Egypt with its River Nile, Sphinx symbols, pharaohs and the seductive Cleopatra voice have proved to be a heady combination for all those who play Cleopatra slots. Entering a bonus round chamber and getting awarded free spins for pay-outs that are three times in value are all added pluses that have boosted interest and enthusiasm in players.

What’s more, the free mode play (for those uninitiated into slots games) is yet another motivating factor. You can play the game without staking anything, enjoy it, and understand it better before staking any money. All of the free bonuses and other features that have made the cash play so attractive are available to the one playing the free game as well.

The vivid graphics and sound effects add to the excitement. If you can play with discipline and with strategy, you can stake anywhere between 1 to 5 credits for each pay line and improve chances of getting the lotus symbols. You only need to uncover 5 in order to get 750x times your bet. Even if you can manage 3 scarab beetles, you will end up earning a nice reward.

Those lucky and astute enough to gather a sequence of slots logos will enjoy a table seat with her Majesty along with a huge 2000x times reward. Similarly, a full row can bring you riches that are 5 times more. These are the attractions that have made Cleopatra slots such a popular slots game among punters.

The many features of this game that enables a player to hit multiplier spins triggered by Sphinx and other symbols provide sufficient hope and boost chances of winning handsome money. This free spins as well as scatter multiplier dramatically improves chances of getting more credits. Another lovely feature is that you would be able to get this increment spins even as your existing ones are operational.

Some of the regular players often stake big money at the very start of the game in the hope that they strike it very rich with the many spins they are hopeful of getting as they progress in the game. Others even go for the activation of the auto play feature so that the machine keeps spinning continuously in this fast mode. These are all different strategies adopted by players over time and experience. There is however no recommended strategy as this is after all a game of chance to a large extent.

The sequel Cleopatra slots 2  has also been created in very much the same vein with the developers knowing exactly what appeals to the fans of this game. Here too, the emphasis is on the icons related to ancient Egypt such as the Sphinx, Anubis, the God of Death, Horus with the head of the falcon, Bast, the cat Goddess and Cleopatra herself, as she looks at you mesmerisingly with her turquoise eyes.

Players seeking their fortune can try their hand at spinning the reels of Cleopatra 2 Slots at for free! There’s even a free play option for those who believe that practice does indeed make perfect.


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Jennifer Aniston Will Raise Her Baby Alone!

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Jennifer Aniston Will Raise Her Baby Alone!

Jennifer Aniston appears on the cover of the new issue of OK! magazine and reportedly, she is pregnant by her fiance Justin Theroux. To make matters worse, the tabloid is also reporting that she is set to raise their baby all by herself.

To put matters in a better perspective, a rich person raising a baby alone can be such a hardship — if it’s even true, right? Seriously, if Jennifer is really pregnant, she is going to be just fine. She already has a great support system in place (friends and family) and she has gobs and gobs of money.

Seriously, though. Who is buying all of these stories about Jennifer being pregnant and raising their baby all alone? Whoever you are, you are part of the problem, so please put down the tabloids and back away slowly.

Angelina Jolie Collapsed On A Movie Set

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Angelina Jolie Collapsed On A Movie Set

Angelina Jolie covers this week’s edition of the National Enquirer with the reports that she is underweight and collapsed on the set of her new flick. She is reportedly weighing in at only 93 pounds and her fiance Brad Pitt thought she was having a heart attack. Seems legit, no?

What is really more likely is that on December 2nd when the cover photo was taken, she was acting out a movie role. One of which caused her to fall to the ground, perhaps? Either way, we’re guessing that the tabloid is taking things a little too far with this report.

Yes, Angelina has previously had some health problems, but we doubt that she is going to have a heart attack anytime soon. What do you think? Leave your thoughts about this situation in the comments section below.

Russell Brand Wanted To Knock Up Katy Perry

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Russell Brand Wanted To Knock Up Katy Perry

Russell Brand really wanted to knock up Katy Perry while they were still married. In fact, the pressure that he put on her to get pregnant was one of the reasons why she divorced him. Who knew?!?

Russell and Katy were married in 2010 and he was super eager to get a family started. Despite that, she made it perfectly clear to him that she wasn’t ready to have kids. In effect, she told him that she was busy with her pop music career and wasn’t emotionally ready to become a mother.

In her interview with Marie Claire, she revealed, “I think it was a way of control. I think it was a part of, if I have a kid, then I would have to sacrifice – I’d have to be at home more. I really wanted to [have children], but I knew I wasn’t ready for it. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, let’s have a kid because we’re in love.’”

With regard to having a kid now with her boyfriend John Mayer, she added, “I’m definitely not there yet, and I can’t plan that far in advance. When I decide to have a family, I’ll just want to be mom for a little bit.”

Amanda Bynes: ‘I’m Lucky To Be Alive!’

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Amanda Bynes: 'I'm Lucky To Be Alive!'

Amanda Bynes covers this week’s edition of In Touch Weekly and inside they claim that she is lucky to be alive. Certainly that could be true, considering all that she has already been through. She has had a serious run-in with mental illness — which landed her in the psych ward for treatment. Prior to that, she has had run-ins with the police and brushes with drug use. All of that is not to even mention her crazy Twitter antics…

After her parents reined her in, she has gotten the help that she needs. She is apparently going to fashion school and is on her way to having her life back on track. Kudos to her for making her comeback. We just can’t wait for the time that she gets back on Twitter and starts blathering on about ugly people. That’s a win-win for everyone, don’t you think?

Instant Checkmate’s Tips For Avoiding Stalkers Like A Celebrity

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Instant Checkmate's Tips For Avoiding Stalkers Like A Celebrity

It feels bad to break someone’s heart. But it feels worse when your former lover deals with their grief by camping out in your bushes so they can peer into your home with a pair of binoculars. Stalkers are scary, and if you don’t know how to deal with them, it might leave you feeling paranoid and anxious all the time.

If you want to know how to handle a stalker, you should turn to people most experienced with avoiding them: celebrities. Their constant media exposure seems to attract unhinged weirdos from all over the country, so famous performers are typically pros at dealing with the unwanted attention of strangers with a warped sense of boundaries. Keira Knightley, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, had to shake off no fewer than six stalkers during the course of her career.

If you’re worried about people who may be invading your life in ways that make you uncomfortable, keep these five tips in mind.

1) Perform A Background Check

How can you know if someone has a history of stalking behavior? It’s not like creepers wear signs that say “I can get crazy clingy, so watch out.”

One surefire method is by performing a criminal background check on your stalking suspect. Since criminal records are 100% available to the public, you can instantly learn if anyone was slapped with a restraining order or has been charged with domestic violence. If you discover through a background check that someone you know has a history of hurting others, you’ll know to stay far away.

2) Lock Your Doors

Just because you have lived in a safe neighborhood for years, doesn’t mean that you should be lulled into a naive sense of security. Earlier this year, J Lo learned the value of a secure home when a stalker waltzed into her house in the Hamptons and stayed there for six days before being caught. Don’t make it any easier to break into your home — deadbolt your door every time you leave the house.

3) Be Wary Of Who Follows You On Social Media

Not all stalkers are bold enough to follow you around in person. Some will simply gather details about your habits and whereabouts by checking out your Facebook or Twitter account. On social media, as the Instant Checkmate blog referenced, oversharing caused problems for several A-listers in 2008 and 2009 when they were robbed by “The Bling Ring.” This group of teenagers followed celebs like Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Lindsay Lohan on Facebook to track their habits. When the stars weren’t home, the young burglars broke into the celebrities’ houses and made off with their jewels, cash, and designer clothes.

Protect yourself from people who do reconnaissance on you through social media by limiting the amount of personal info you reveal online and only friending people you know in real life.

4) Stop Problems Before They Start

It doesn’t hurt to let your stalker know, in no uncertain terms, that their weird advances are not appreciated. According to private eye Mark Chinapen, who has helped many stars ward off stalkers, simply confronting a stalker and telling them to stop their behavior usually gets them to back off.

5) Get The Police Involved

Remember, stalking is a serious matter. If you feel that someone is harassing you, you should immediately inform the police just so they have a record of the incident on file. If your stalker is persistent, or worrying you, you could contact the authorities to get a temporary restraining order or Order of Protection. After a stalker broke into the home of pop singer Rihanna, she was granted a 100-yard temporary restraining order against the man. While the force of law should be enough to keep stalkers away, be aware that many have no qualms about violating a restraining order. A restraining order on file is no replacement for your own due diligence against the weirdos of the world.

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