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Gossipsucker.com is an awesome website created by Roberta Ferguson in December, 2008.

Our wonderful stats (as of this writing, April., 2011):

Alexa: World: 648,902 – US Rank: 233,904

Pagerank: 2

Pageviews: 8,000 average daily

Uniques: 5,000 average daily

Content is updated regularly. Traffic is consistently rising.

Have a product or service you want advertised here? Email Roberta here for information. If we feel it is a good fit, we will be happy to include a contest or review here. We are always happy to be bribed with concert tickets, as well. (HINT HINT.)

We have reporters in Hollywood/L.A., New York, and in every nook and cranny wherever celebrities hide. So, listen up! We’re always listening to that thing you like…(Spoiler alert: it’s the latest gossip)

Disclaimer: We generate income from this site in the form of ad placements as well as posts advertising products and/or services. This is to offset the cost of hosting, etc.