Chris Brown Accused Of Assault By Deana Gines

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Chris Brown Accused Of Assault By Deana Gines

It might all seem like deja vu for Chris Brown – who was convicted in 2009 of brutally assaulting his former girlfriend Rihanna. He beat her black and blue and she was sent to the hospital for her injuries. Now, it appears that a new victim is coming forward to claim that Chris has assaulted her.

Deana Gines claims that she was the Heat Ultra nightclub in Anaheim, California when she was shoved hard to the ground by the R&B singer. She said that the shove was deliberate and that she had torn some ligaments.

She showed off a photo of herself on crutches with a leg brace to the gossipmongers at TMZ. She is suing Chris for damages, but those at the club along with his rep are denying that he was the culprit.

His rep stated that this wasn’t actually Chris’ doing and that she caused her own harm by being in a “belligerent state”. The rep for the entertainment company handling things that night said that Deana was seriously trying to get at Chris, but his security team was doing their jobs by keeping her at bay.

Thoughts? Did you believe her when the news came out?

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