Sex Toys in Pop Culture

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Everything eventually finds a way to sink its teeth into pop culture. Whether it be politics or art, it gets there some how and sex toys have certainly been no exception. Seeping through the cracks of pop culture, you can find sex toys in most forms of media and in an increasingly more positive light with each mention. Check out some of these sex toy pop culture mentions throughout the years.

While the Sex and the City series officially ended in 2004–ten years ago–it still continues to make an impact. It helped create an open and positive view of women’s sex lives and is the sole reason why the Rabbit vibrator has been one of the best selling vibrators for the past 14 years. Despite countless sex toy mentions throughout the series, the episode, The Turtle and the Hare, where Charlotte becomes obsessed with her Rabbit Vibrator has given the Rabbit unmatched sales in the sex toy industry.

American Pie was just another movie exploiting the ever horniness of the American teenager, but this one went further than the traditional backseat romp fest and made use of homemade sex toys. Forever remembered for the apple scene, where Jim Levenstein uses a pie to get his jollies. I don’t really indulging in this masturbatory pastry delicacy though. You’d be better served, less embarrassed and less messy with a jelly sleeve from Adam and Eve.

If you’re into celebrities, like really into them, you can now be inside of them, too. Over the past few years, sex doll creators have jumped on the pop culture train by developing celebrity sex dolls. You can now lay the pipe into Lady Gag Gag (Lady Gaga), She Aint No Beyonce (Beyonce), Sarah Jessica Porkher Love Sex in her Shitty (Sarah Jessica Parker), Lindsay (Lohan) Fully Loaded Love Doll, the Crazy Daisy (Jessica Simpson) Love Doll or a Guido/Guidette (Jersey Shore) Love Doll. Have a new celebrity every night in your bedroom. It’s only creepy if you have more than 3.

Music continues to migrate towards sexual themes, but OhMiBod picked up on the pairing by creating a sex toy that syncs with your iPod. You can now buzz your way to orgasm with your music. The toy tracks the bass in your music and buzzes along. Just a simple plug and play, if you will.

Sex toys have even creeped themselves into books. This past summer, 50 Shades of Grey took the sexual world by storm and introduced BDSM to the mainstream market. Ben Wa Balls saw a 400%, hardware stores start selling out of rope and zip ties and more sex retailers saw a 50% toys. We’re likely to see a flood of erotic books hitting shelves and the impending 50 Shades movie will easily be a blockbuster hit when it comes out thanks to it’s ingrained sexual awakening.

What pop culture phenomena will sex toys grab onto next? Moustaches? Gangnam Style? Obama? Oh wait, it already did.

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